The small village of Velanidia

A little “oasis” in between the mountains. A colour palette of an invisible artist.
In this amphitheatric placement, with the white-painted homes and the small balconies, one can gaze upon the mountains sinking into the blue Myrtoan Sea. Situated near the Cape of Maleas, it has something of the wild beauty of its cliffs. A beauty so stunning that inspires awe. At that place, one can have the most vivid experiences wilderness can give to man. And all these, combined with the graphic scenery, set the most harmonic creation.

This is Velanidia. A small village, standing haughty against the passing eons, at the southernmost point of Parnonas mountain, enchanting every visitor with its natural beauties. It is a “Siren” for every wayfarer.

History & Folklore

History & Folklore

An enriched history that starts from ancient times, a community in solitude that birthed its own traditions and folkways, and even a unique wordage.

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The Association

Operating since 1970, the association tries to promote the local culture and works for the commonweal of our community.

The Association

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