2020 NY Pie Event

On Sunday 9/2/2020 in our home office, we held the NY Pie event. The Association chairman, Mr. Panagiotis Kounoupas, greeted the members and wished for a happy New Year.

He updated the members about the current workings of the Association, marking the beginning of the Statute Change procedure.

Next on, the winners of the Photo Contest were awarded for their contribution, with the prizes being a 2020 calendar and an ornament.

Continuing, the chairman also awarded the students that managed to enter into tertiary public education.

After the awardings, the chairman cut the Administrative Council’s Pie. The coin was taken by Ms. Kiriaki Skamnidi, the Association’s Secretary.

Closing the event, the chairman thanked the members for coming to the event and announced the two upcoming events, Winter’s Feast and the Annual General Meeting.

He also explicitly marked the need of presence of more members at the Association’s gatherings.

We wholeheartedly wish you a happy New Year. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who came to the event. See you next time!

Also keep in mind that in case you find a coin, or, if you would like to receive a 2020 Calendar and/or a coaster, please contact us via an e-mail.

We thank Lifelikes for their continuous support with their 2020 charms supply.

The Administrative Council


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